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About Euro soccer

About Euro Soccer

Who we are

Euro Soccer Academy (ESA) in Singapore is dedicated to creating an environment where our players from ages between 4-18 will experience true growth and receive meaningful instruction to perform at the highest level of the game. Our staff will provide a high level of expertise and experience that will allow each player to recognize their full talent and understand the qualities and values critical for long term success.




The ESA vision is to provide a first class soccer academy program that develops each and every type of player. We are committed to the placement of our academy players and offer a comprehensive program in each age group.

  • Beginner Program (Tots kickers 4-6 Y)
  • Development Program
  • Transitional Program
  • Advanced Program


The ESA philosophy is to develop a motivated, disciplined and successful soccer player, who adheres to our values and core principles of the game.



Core values

ESA Players Core Values:

  • Participates in the sport with a controlled level of competitiveness
  • Gives best effort in aspects of life and has a 'give it your all' attitude when stepping on to the field 
  • Develops and masters the skills and techniques of soccer
  • Produces a level of discipline that ensures success on and off the pitch
  • Will learn life lessons like resilience, work ethic, and humility that they can take with them beyond their soccer careers
  • Believes in unity. Not only do our players belong to a team, but also they belong to a family, who strives to build community by developing youth through soccer
  • On the field, we compete at the highest levels of league and tournament play
 ESA Coaches Core Values:
  • We believe in developing our players to be excellent, well-rounded and active members of society
  • Outside of soccer excellence, we encourage and applaud our players to excel in their academic, artistic, leadership and other endeavors
  • Excellence in coaching and our support staff
  • Commitment to the players. Treat players fairly and respectfully
  • Provide positive leadership, mentoring and role models for our players
  • Instill a good work ethic and a sense of personal responsibility towards each player's own development
  • Provide a balanced perspective on the soccer experience for all the academy players
  • Instill a dedication to teamwork and a sense of loyalty to our academy among players, parents and coaches



The future

At ESA we create a professional environment for our players to not only learn the game but to help them grow as young adults and set them on the right path for any future endeavors.We take pride in seeing our academy players progress through our program and move on in soccer whether that be at a recreational, college or professional level. 

As ex players ourselves we know that soccer has a very short life span and it is imperative for us to instill life skills that will guide them both on and off the field. Through experiences from playing competitive soccer, we strive to help players mature as people and will encourage the development of important life skills such as sportsmanship, teamwork, hard work, goal setting and fair play.